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How to register

Students not enrolled in a regular degree programme at the UvA, but who are interested in taking an UvA course, may enrol as a guest student.

What is an elective?

An elective (or optional course) is a course that is not part of your regular study programme. If you have approval from the Examinations Board, you can take an elective as one of your optional subjects or to fill extracurricular space in your programme,.

If you are currently enrolled in a regular degree programme at the UvA, you do not have to re-enrol as a guest in order to register for an elective course.

Students with Dutch prior education

Learn more about electives courses in Dutch

Students with international prior education

You must be currently registered as a student at a university in the Netherlands in order to enrol as an elective student at the UvA. Please read the information below carefully before starting the enrolment process for an elective course.

1. Find your course in Studielink

To take an elective course, you must first register via Studielink.

Find the study programme in Studielink to which your elective course belongs and select the programme option marked ‘(optional course / bijvak)'. Enrolment for elective courses can be requested throughout the year, and is not limited to the start of a new semester.

Even if you have already enrolled for an elective at the UvA in the past, you should still re-enrol via Studielink at the start of each new academic year (September).

To find the study programme to which an elective course belongs, consult the UvA Course Catalogue.

Enrol via Studielink

UvA Course Catalogue

2. Check your qualifications

Bachelor’s electives:

If you did not complete your prior education in Netherlands, you will need to request a toelatingsbeschikking (admissions statement) or proof of enrolment from the Dutch university where you are currently enrolled. This document must be submitted to the UvA so that our student counsellors can assess your eligibility. Once we have determined that you are eligible for an elective, you will also receive an admissions statement from the UvA.

Master’s electives:

Would you like to take an elective at the Master’s level?  You will need to request a toelatingsbeschikking (admissions statement) from your current university and send this to the UvA Graduate School that offers the Master’s programme of the elective you have chosen. Once the Graduate School has verified your eligibility, they will send a Statement of Admission to the Central Student Administration (CSA).

You can find the Graduate School to which you need to submit your admissions statement by choosing the Master’s programme to which your elective belongs. You can find the contact details in the vertical menu in the left column of the programme page. If you already know which Graduate school you need, you can find contact details via this address list.

3. Confirm proof of payment

Students enrolled in an elective course are not required to pay tuition fees, provided they pay the statutory tuition fee at their own institution. The UvA requires confirmation of this in the form of an original Proof of Payment (Bewijs Betaald Collegegeld) from your institution. This receipt must clearly state that it has been issued for the purpose of registration at the UvA.

If you have not paid the statutory tuition fee at your institution, different rules apply. Please see the Enrolment Provisions for the University of Amsterdam or contact the Central Student Service Desk.

4. Submit the required documents

Please hand in the following documents at the Central Student Service Desk to finalise your enrolment:

  • Admissions statement or proof of enrolment from your current Dutch university (NB: for a Master’s elective this must be sent to the Graduate School to which the elective belongs)
  • Original Proof of Payment (Bewijs Betaald Collegegeld) (a copy is not valid)
  • A list of the UvA courses you would like to do. Please include the exact course name(s) and course code(s). You can find these in the UvA course catalogue.
  • A copy of a valid proof of identity (please note that a driving license is not valid)

Be sure to cite your UvA student ID number (which you will receive by email after submitting your enrolment request in Studielink) on all documents. If you have not received a student ID number within five days of your enrolment application in Studielink, you can also request one from the Central Student Service Desk at +31(0)20 525 1401.

Student Services postal address

University of Amsterdam
Student Services
attn. Admissions office
P.O. Box 15832
1001 NH  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

5. Enrol for your course

Once you have completed the above steps, you can enrol online for courses in your study programme. Be sure to check the faculty-specific guidelines below before enrolling for an elective.

Enrol for an elective

Faculty of Science

If you wish to enrol for an elective at the Faculty of Science (FNWI), you should first email the Science Park Service Desk.

Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry

It is not possible to enrol for an elective course in Medicine or Dentistry.

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

  • If you wish to do an elective in Psychology, go to information on how to register.
  • If you wish to register for an elective in another programme at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, see the student site of your programme of interest.

Faculty of Humanities

If you wish to register for an elective within a Bachelor's programme offered by the Faculty of Humanities, please visit the student website.

If you wish to enrol for an elective within a Master's programme, you should first contact the Graduate School of Humanities via the Digital Student Service Desk.

Economics and Business

If you wish to do an elective in Economics and Business, you should check the Economics and Business student website.

Faculty of Law

If you wish to take an elective in Law you can request admission via this form. To enrol in a Master’s level elective at the Faculty of Law, you must hold a completed university-level Bachelor’s degree certificate in Law or have completed a pre-Master’s programme in Law at the UvA. You must also meet any additional entry requirements for that specific course.