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About the University

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity is important to us. Our aim is to foster a diverse and inclusive academic community where staff and students feel at home. We want everyone at the UvA to be able to develop their capacities fully and contribute to the identity of our university with their own unique personality, background and talents.

Summer school student 2017
Each summer, the UvA Summer School welcomes students from around the world. (Photo: Wouter van der Wolk)

The UvA has taken steps in recent years to foster diversity and provide support for refugees. In the coming years, we will continue to work hard to become a more equal, inclusive, and diverse place to study and conduct research. 

UvA Diversity Document

Diversity and inclusion have been high on the UvA's agenda for some years and activities have been organised in many different places. The UvA Diversity Document provides a framework for diversity and inclusion for the UvA and is used as a foundation for making and implementing policy relating to diversity and includion in the faculties and service units. Based on the Diversity Document we want to start new activities that contribute to a diverse and inclusive study and work environment, as well as strengthening existing initiatives started by students, faculties, services and diversity officers within the UvA.

Chief Diversity Officer

The UvA has appointed a Chief Diversity Officer with a dedicated team around them. Nearly all the faculties now have their own active Diversity Officers. These Diversity Officers play an important role in realising our ambitions in the field of diversity and inclusion.