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Diversity and inclusion at the UvA: roles and responsibilities

How are diversity and inclusion organised at the University of Amsterdam and what are the different roles and responsibilities?

Executive Board and deans

The Executive Board and the deans are responsible for policymaking and the diversity policy. Under the UvA governance model, the Board establishes the central frameworks, while the faculties and service units subsequently design their specific policies within these frameworks, depending on the (particular) opportunities within the discipline, the nature of the teaching and research activities or the characteristics of the services provided. This also applies to measures relating to diversity and inclusion and how these are translated into a policy for HR, teaching, research and valorisation, communication, facility management, service provision and operational services.

Central Diversity Officer

In November 2017, the Executive Board appointed a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO), who is assisted by a dedicated team. In addition to advising the Executive Board, the roles of the CDO with regard to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) include:

  • Driving forward the process of cultural change
  • Identifying, facilitating, negotiating, and stimulating certain initiatives, then realising, protecting and cultivating them
  • Sharpening the focus of the university on EDI issues

In addition to driving forward cultural change, the Central Diversity Officer is also a connector and a contact person in national and international networks. The Central Diversity Officer works with their team to further develop the UvA's diversity objectives.

Faculty Diversity Officers

In the UvA's faculties, staff members have been appointed as Faculty Diversity Officers. They are tasked with establishing a diversity policy in their faculty, making sure it remains on the agenda and providing support for local initiatives. Together with the Central Diversity Officer and team, the faculty diversity officers form a network for collaboration and knowledge sharing.