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Directing social safety strengthening activities

From September 2020, Lucienne Kelfkens has been appointed to coordinate activities aimed at strengthening social safety at the UvA.

Lucienne Kelfkens

On the one hand, the focus is on improvements to our system and our procedures for dealing with reports and complaints of undesirable behavior. In addition, more emphasis is placed on prevention and awareness. Social safety is a broad concept, ranging from an ethical culture in which problems can be discussed, to transparent and accessible complaints procedures and the setting of clear boundaries for behavior. In addition to good procedures, recognizing, discussing and preventing undesirable behavior is essential. That is why work is also being done on a study and work environment in which we hold each other accountable for behavior and managers are equipped to respond adequately to signals.

For an overview, see social safety actions and the overview memorandum with spearheads and actions for 2021. In doing so, we make use of recommendations from studies and reports, such as those from the Social Security Task Force and from the external committee.


You can send an email with general questions or comments about strengthening social safety.

Lucienne Kelfkens is in contact with, among others:

  • Jacqueline Schoone - Ombudsman and quartermaster a.i.
  • Saskia Voortman - Legal affairs and HR a.i.
  • Anne de Graaf - Chief Diversity Officer
  • Peter Boelsma - HR policy and strategy


  • Iris Kingma - Project assistant
  • Karen Wansink - Board Secretary
  • Leontine de Klerk - Internal communications