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About the University

In-depth group conversations with social safety taskforce

In order to gather information for plans and recommendations, in 2019 the Social Safety Taskforce held preliminary conversations with, among others, deans, unit directors, directors of operational management, the chief diversity officer, the ombudsperson, the Central Student Council, Amsterdam United and the PhD Council. As a follow-up to this, group conversations will be held with staff and students. These conversations provide the opportunity to exchange views on social safety at the University, and participants can share their views on what they believe should or could be done differently at the UvA.

The Social Safety Taskforce had planned to hold these conversations back in the spring but they could not go ahead due to COVID-19 restrictions. Consequently, online group conversations (specifically for PhD students) will be launched as a pilot in July.

If you are not a PhD student but would like to participate in one of the conversations, please register your interest and we'll contact you as soon as more conversations have been planned.

Online pilot sessions on social safety for PhD students in July 2020

We will start with two online pilot sessions. These group conversations are intended for PhD students. There will be one session in English and one in Dutch. Participants can register for a session in the language of their choice.

The online sessions will be led by Liza Mügge (Chair of Social Safety Taskforce and Associate Professor of Political Science) and Peter Snoeren (member of the Social Safety Taskforce and Associate Professor/strategy). They will be supported by project officer Iris Kingma. These conversations are a pilot for further conversations with other groups of staff and students later on this year.

The online sessions for PhD students will take place on:

  • Thursday 9 July from 14:00–16:00 (in Dutch) [Please note: registration is now closed]
  • Wednesday 15 July 10:00–12 noon (in English)

Participation in the conversations is entirely voluntary. We ask for permission to collect and process information and data – see information on informed consent via the link below.

Important note: If you would prefer to discuss a specific problem in person, please visit to find a confidential adviser or other individual or body that can help you with issues relating to undesirable behaviour or unsafe situations at the UvA.

Do you not feel comfortable or safe to participate in a group conversation? The Taskforce finds it important that everybody who wants to contribute and share their perspective on social safety, has the opportunity to do so. We are currently developing an online system for staff and students to share their views in writing. More information about this option will be communicated after the summer break.