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Social Safety Taskforce

Until end-2020, the Social Safety Taskforce will be working on strengthening social safety for staff and students. The Taskforce will inspire, encourage improvements relating to social safety and keep track of ongoing improvements.

The Taskforce focused on 4 areas from the social safety memorandum (PDF, Dutch):

  • A safe university (strengthening the organisation and prevention of harassment and intimidation)
  • Quick help where necessary (i.e. quick response to questions, complaints and incidents)
  • Mapping social safety (monitoring and reporting)
  • A safe campus for everyone (physical and online environment.

The legal aspects of the organisation of social safety, such as safeguarding signals and handling complaints, the position of the ombudsperson and the embedding of confidential advisers has been reviewed by others.

In 2019, the Task Force conducted interviews with deans, the heads of shared service units directors and of operational management, the chief diversity officer, the ombudsperson and the Central PhD Council, and others. In order to deepen the inventory, further discussions will be held with staff and students. The Task Force also worked on recommendations in the areas of culture, policy and communication. The findability and awareness of the various places where employees can go has improved and this will be made more known in a campaign that will start in the spring of 2021. To stimulate the discussion about social safety, a play, The Learning Curve, will be performed on all campuses. The planning has moved from 2020 to 2021 due to the corona measures. The Taskforce's recommendations will be presented in February 2021.