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Results: 1 - 20 of 336
Results: 1 - 20 of 336
  • Podcast about The Netherlands state of women's rights
    19 Oct 2021
    Innovation in law; that is what we stand for at the Amsterdam Law Hub and why we like to talk about this matter in our podcast series with innovators from inside and outside the legal sector. In our latest series on ...
  • Daniel Smit
    How can we share the ‘tax cake’ fairly?
    18 Oct 2021
    Placing an order online across the border is a snap. But what about tax? The digitalisation of the economy has disrupted the current international taxation system. As professor by special appointment of the Taxation ...
  • UvA research shows unintended global ‘side effects’ of EU’s medicines policy
    7 Oct 2021
    The European Union’s laws, regulations and policies regarding access to medicines are having unintended consequences in low- and middle-income countries, according to new research from the UvA’s Law Centre for Health ...
  • Floating legal clinics for start-ups
    6 Oct 2021
    On Thursday 21 October we will hold our first Incuboater event, where we will provide free legal advice to start-ups by boat! Why by boat? Because we can. And because we adore the view of our lovely city from the ...
  • New Blog Post: The Corporate Detox
    6 Oct 2021
    Benjamin van Rooij and Adam Fine publish a new blog post on how a toxic corporate culture can cause corporate scandals.
  • New Blog Post: How to Lower the Murder Rate
    29 Sep 2021
    Adam Fine and Benjamin van Rooij write a new blog post on The Behavioral Code, their blog on Psychology Today. In this piece, they explain how the currents punishments for murder may not be an effective deterrence. ...
  • Pen on paper
    Debating the Debate
    28 Sep 2021
    Marc de Werd, senior judge at the Amsterdam Court of Appeals, professor at the UvA and Dutch representative to the Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE) at the Council of Europe, has written a new blog for ...
  • Dutch Court allows racial profiling
    28 Sep 2021
    During border control operations, the Dutch border police apply general risk profiles that incorporate ethnicity, such as “men who walk fast, are well-dressed and don’t ‘look Dutch”. Such profiles are used to ...
  • This PhD student won with his pitch on Artificial Intelligence to cure cancer
    16 Sep 2021
    Last week, 12 PhD candidates competed in UvA's first 3MT® pitch competition ever and were challenged to convey their PhD research to a lay audience through a three-minute video.
  • Why we are investigating the problem of an overflowing 'shopping bag of legal issues’
    14 Sep 2021
    There are many vulnerable groups in our society who ask for (legal) assistance and carry a literal and figurative 'shopping bag of judicial papers' with them every day. This shopping bag symbolises the complexity of ...
  • Thilo Marauhn professor by special appointment International Arms Control Law
    13 Sep 2021
    Prof. Dr. Thilo Marauhn (58) has been appointed professor by special appointment of International Arms Control Law at Amsterdam Law School. Marauhn will conduct research on international arms control agreements and ...
  • Amsterdam's first women's legal advice centre is a fact
    8 Sep 2021
    Wednesday 8 September was the official opening of the first women's legal advice centre of Amsterdam. Women are immediately invited to visit the store for free legal advice.
  • Interested in watching UvA's best PhD pitches? Join here!
    6 Sep 2021
    Whether you’re networking, interviewing for a job, or just having a conversation with a friend, it is essential to have an ‘elevator pitch’ to describe your dissertation work. Tomorrow, 7 September 2021, 12 PhD ...
  • REC A (photo: Maartje Strijbis)
    New partnerships for UvA research into tax systems
    3 Sep 2021
    The UvA’s Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law has recently entered into a number of exciting new partnerships to help them conduct research into the design of fair, efficient and fraud-proof tax systems. Ernst & Young (EY), ...
  • Everyday acts of cooperation around the world
    1 Sep 2021
    Scientific research particularly studies costly cooperation, yet most everyday acts of cooperation require very little effort or cost. What explains such common acts of benevolence, and where are they more or less ...
  • Kasper Krzemiński (photo: Kirsten van Santen)
    Kasper Krzemiński named professor by special appointment of Enforcement and Attachment Law
    31 Aug 2021
    Dr Kasper Krzemiński has been named professor by special appointment of Enforcement and Attachment Law, with a particular focus on the position of court bailiffs, at the University of Amsterdam Law School, as per 1 ...
  • Daniël Smit (photo: Kirsten van Santen)
    Daniël Smit named professor by special appointment of the Taxation of the Digital Economy
    30 Aug 2021
    Prof. dr. Daniël Smit LLM., head of the Scientific Tax Knowhow department at Ernst & Young (EY), has been named professor by special appointment of the Taxation of the Digital Economy at the University of Amsterdam. ...
  • UvA appoints 3 new assistant professors to research on how tax systems should be designed for a cashless, platform-based and technology-driven society
    30 Aug 2021
    The University of Amsterdam (UvA) has appointed Dr. Giorgio Beretta, Dr. Claudio Cipollini and Ms. Svitlana Buriak as assistant professors in the field of tax law. The incoming experts will join the Amsterdam Centre ...
  • Agnes Akkerman (photo: Kirsten van Santen)
    Agnes Akkerman appointed professor of Regulation of Labour
    25 Aug 2021
    Prof. Agnes Akkerman has been appointed professor of Regulation of Labour at the Amsterdam Law School of the University of Amsterdam (UvA).
  • Juan Manuel Vazquez
    How do you audit Uber drivers and Airbnbers?
    23 Aug 2021
    Citizens who earn money through online platforms, such as Airbnb and Uber, often do not pay taxes on this income by themselves. To combat this fraud, governments are imposing increasingly strict reporting rules on ...