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Results: 1 - 20 of 304
Results: 1 - 20 of 304
  • Consumers need better online protection from digital service providers
    23 Feb 2021
    The Unfair Contract Terms Directive needs to be updated for digital service providers. This is what Marco Loos and Joasia Luzak argue in their study 'Update the Unfair Contract Terms directive for digital services'. ...
  • 5 legal questions on vaccine distribution
    22 Feb 2021
    Fair distribution of vaccines around the world, saving lives and money. It sounds like utopia, but is it? Katrina Perehudoff works at the Law Centre for Health and Life at the University of Amsterdam and answers five ...
  • How will AI and digital technologies transform democracy and the media?
    22 Feb 2021
    How will AI change media? What new opportunities can AI create for democracy? And what conditions need to be fulfilled for these things to happen? Starting Monday, 22 February, researchers from the University of ...
  • Pitch perfect: A workshop to help FdR researchers perfect their grant pitches
    16 Feb 2021
    If you ever applied for any research grant, you know how important it is to be short and concise. For this reason, the Law Hub is hosting the online workshop 'Pitch Perfect' on Friday the 19th of March in which you ...
  • Funding available for legal or justice innovations
    11 Feb 2021
    Do you also believe that technology can be the solution to justice or legal problems or do you have any specific ideas on this topic yourself? Read on, perhaps we are able to help!
  • ‘My research is breaking up the silos’
    8 Feb 2021
    Recent study by Dr Kristina Irion joins up three EU policy areas that intersect in the digital age: consumer protection, EU governance of AI and EU external trade. "They are becoming so intertwined', says Dr. Irion. ...
  • Luchtfoto van huizen
    Municipalities have limited options for ensuring a healthy food environment
    26 Jan 2021
    Municipalities have an important responsibility to provide a safe and healthy food environment for their residents. In practice, however, they lack the legal scope to do so. This is evident from research by the Law ...
  • Schrijven
    Our plans for 2021
    7 Jan 2021
    Since we had to skip all of our social events in 2020 it has been a tough year for all of us. Although, we did accomplish many positive things in the Amsterdam Law Hub, as we developed a new strategy for the Law ...
  • Behind the scenes of online education
    5 Jan 2021
    It is the new reality for all of us: giving and receiving online education. Students and lecturers hardly meet at the REC anymore, and exams no longer take place at physical locations. In an interview serie, faculty ...
  • Toetsenbord
    How can you support detainees during COVID? By learning from JSG!
    23 Dec 2020
    COVID-19 can affect anyone, often resulting in difficult choices for the (Dutch) population, government and organizations. Unsurprisingly, this also applies to prisoners. After all, how can prison life continue as ...
  • Educators Network Meeting: Impact Learning
    16 Dec 2020
    How to build partnerships with societal partners to enhance learning? How to develop long-term collaborative projects with external partners for student cohorts across the years?
  • André Nollkaemper reappointed dean of Amsterdam Law School
    14 Dec 2020
    The UvA’s Executive Board has reappointed Professor André Nollkaemper as dean of Amsterdam Law School. Nollkaemper’s second term will commence on 1 May 2021 and – like the first term – will last for a period of five ...
  • Icoon workshop
    Online workshop: Explaining your thesis to the layman
    9 Dec 2020
    After years of focusing on your research, you’ve finally arrived at the last phase, which means you’re able to share all your hard work with the outside world. But how can you actually distil complex research into ...
  • A look behind the scenes of online education
    8 Dec 2020
    It is the new reality for all of us: giving and receiving online education. Students and lecturers hardly meet at the REC anymore, and exams no longer take place at physical locations. Lecturers and other employees ...
  • Join our Justice Entrepreneurship info session!
    7 Dec 2020
    Have you ever thought that a legal process could be clearer, easier or fairer? Do you think justice solutions need to be reworked for a modern society? Do you want to drive that change yourself? Then take part in our ...
  • Vaccinatie
    Katrina Perehudoff joins OHCHR webinar on Covid-19 and minority health
    2 Dec 2020
    Katrina Perehudoff was a panelist in the high-level webinar ‘Covid19, the health of minorities and their right to effective participation’ organised by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Right with the ...
  • Martijn Nouwen in European Parliament on harmful tax practices
    1 Dec 2020
    Martijn Nouwen (Amsterdam Law School) will be heard as an expert on Tuesday 1 December 2020 in a hearing of the European Parliament on the European approach to tackling harmful tax practices.
  • Systematic Review of Pandemic Compliance
    27 Nov 2020
    Why did people comply with COVID-19 mitigation measures during the first wave of the pandemic? Emmeke Kooistra and Benjamin van Rooij systematically reviewed 45 studies with data about compliance behavior and ...
  • Newspaper
    More attention for social vulnerabilities in Covid-19 vaccine allocation
    26 Nov 2020
    In response to the Dutch Health Council's advice for Covid-19 vaccine allocation in the Netherlands, LCHR members Anniek de Ruijter, Hannah van Kolfschooten, and Katrina Perehudoff published an opinion piece in the ...
  • Why people comply with COVID-19 mitigation measures
    24 Nov 2020
    In modern times, few measures have been as influential in changing behavior as those to mitigate the coronavirus COVID-19. But also, few measures have been as invasive or as controversial. So why do people comply ...