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Enrolling in a minor

Faculty of Humanities

You can enrol in a minor for the academic year of 2021-2022 between 11 May and 22 June 2021 (until 13:00).

The minors have a limited capacity, and placement will happen on a first-come, first-served basis. So, do not hesitate and enrol as soon as possible to increase your chances. Minors in which places are still available will remain open to enrolment until 1 September.

Please follow the steps below to enrol.

1. Enrol in Studielink

Make sure you have (re-)enrolled at the UvA for 2021-2022. Read more about re-enrolment here.

If you are not a UvA student, you must first register as an elective course student via Studielink.

2. Enrol in the minor

You can now enrol in a minor starting in the academic year of 2021-2022 via the application form posted below. UvA students can enrol via the application form which requires an UvAnetID to log in. If you are not a student at the UvA, please use the registration form for non-UvA students. Make sure to register before 22 June 2021, so that you can register for the minor's courses in time (see step 3).

Please note: due to heavy traffic, the application forms were badly, or not available on Tuesday morning, 11 May. All applications submitted on Tuesday, 11 May are considered as sent simultaneously. Therefore, your chances of placement are not reduced if you applied later that day due to the disruption.

3. Enrol in the minor's courses

After you have filled out the application form via the link posted above, you will be notified regarding your placement within five workdays. If you have been accepted into the minor, you will still have to enrol in the minor's courses, too. Please do so during the course registration period from 10 June 2021 through 22 June 2021. In that case, placement in the courses will be guaranteed. 

Cancelling your enrolment

If you decide not to do the minor after all, please always notify the Education Desk. If you have already finished some courses, the ECTS will remain valid. If you would like to add the course credits to your programme, please contact the Education Desk or your programme's Examinations Board.