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Amsterdam Science Park

At a central location on Amsterdam Science Park, the Faculty of Science is surrounded by numerable knowledge institutes and spin-off companies with their roots in science research. Amsterdam Science Park is a hub of high-quality research and education and knowledge intensive companies.

Amsterdam Science Park is home to the best research institutes, a science faculty, a University College and over 120 companies. Amsterdam Science Park offers unique opportunities for data technology, fundamental and applied research, the use of advanced equipment, and companies with a focus on sustainability.

Amsterdam Science Park is jointly developed by the City of Amsterdam, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research and the University of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Science Park

The architecture of Science Park 904

The Faculty of Science is housed in the eye catching buildings of Science Park 904. The buildings were designed by Rudy Uytenhaak (coordinating architect), Meyer and Van Schooten Architects and Architecture Studio Herman Hertzberger.

The building offers an ideal environment for collaboration between education, research and entrepreneurship. Both within the Faculty of Science as with the research institutes and companies at a mere stone's throw away on Amsterdam Science Park. By coming together and exchanging ideas and experiences between scientific disciplines, and through the close connection between education and research, the path is cleared for innovation.