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Results: 1 - 20 of 1768
  • Eight UvA subject areas in the top 100 of THE Rankings by Subject
    28 Oct 2020
    This year, there are eight subject areas at the University of Amsterdam that have made it to the top 100 in their field in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings by Subject 2020-2021. These ...
  • Coronavirus: the risk of aerosols
    27 Oct 2020
    A team consisting of physicists from the University of Amsterdam and medical researchers from the Amsterdam UMC and the Cardiology Centers of the Netherlands, has investigated the potential role of small aerosol ...
  • Science Colloquium: a special lecture by Nobel Prize winner prof. Takaaki Kajita
    26 Oct 2020
    Have you always wanted to listen to a talk by a Nobel Prize winner in Physics, and ask them questions about their field? Here is your chance! Professor Takaaki Kajita, who won the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics for his ...
  • Methodology published for quality improvement in genetic database
    26 Oct 2020
    Scientists, including Biological Sciences alumnus Thijs van den Burg, have published a standard method for checking the quality of data in the global genetic database, GenBank. Using amphibians as a case study, they ...
  • UvA to accelerate data-driven research with new Data Science Centre
    26 Oct 2020
    The University of Amsterdam will launch a new Data Science Centre (DSC) to help increase the innovation, diffusion and cross pollination of data science across all faculties.
  • Natuurmonumenten and University of Amsterdam investigate effects of chronic drought on nature
    26 Oct 2020
    We have now had three dry summers in a row, the consequences of which were very clear: brown grass, trees dying or dropping their leaves far too early, dead heather and forbs with curled leaves. What is the effect of ...
  • Statement on the death of Samuel Paty
    23 Oct 2020
    It was with great horror that we learned of the murder of teacher Samuel Paty in France. A passionate and committed teacher, he was murdered for teaching freedom of speech. As fellow educational professionals, we ...
  • Xenon1T
    ENW-KLEIN for dark mater research Colijn and Postma
    22 Oct 2020
    Even tough 25 percent of the universe is made out of dark matter, it has never been observed in the lab. Physicists Auke-Pieter Colijn and Marieke Postma have obtained an ENW-KLEIN grant from NWO to search for hidden ...
  • Still taken from the simulation predicting gamma radiation from clashing neutron stars
    Improved model shows gamma rays and gold at merging neutron stars
    21 Oct 2020
    An international team of astrophysicists led by Philipp Mösta of the Anton Pannekoek Institute of the University of Amsterdam has demonstrated with an improved model that colliding neutron stars can emit gamma rays. ...
  • Small-scale diploma ceremonies for online PhD graduates
    21 Oct 2020
    In a series of small-scale diploma ceremonies over five Saturdays in a row, some 100 PhD graduates, who defended their theses online at the UvA, received their PhD certificates. The ceremonies took place between ...
  • Login failure on UvA services - update 5.10 pm
    20 Oct 2020
    Update 5.10 pm: Online exams will take place tomorrow. The login system is working properly again, so the expectation is that students will be able to log in to TestVision as normal tomorrow.
  • AI image recognition: Driving our cars, keeping us healthy, protecting our public spaces
    20 Oct 2020
    The past decade has seen great strides taken in the field of image recognition in video content. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have given us systems that can ‘watch’ video clips and identify activities ...
  • Research about restored brain function by using sleeping pills
    16 Oct 2020
    It has been all over the popular news: a Dutch man who has not been able to move or talk for eight years due to severe brain injury can once again function normally with the use of sleeping pills. Neurobiologists ...
  • Amsterdam coalition publishes special AI edition in New Scientist
    15 Oct 2020
    To highlight the importance of AI to a broader public, the Amsterdam coalition ‘AI technology for people’ has published a special AI edition in the October issue of the popular science magazine New Scientist. The ...
  • Dick Stufkens Prijs awarded to physical chemist Mark Koenis
    14 Oct 2020
    The Dick Stufkens Prize 2020 for the best PhD thesis of the Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry has been awarded to Dr Mark Koenis. Koenis graduated this year with the distinction cum laude on his thesis ...
  • Robot Pepper gives go-ahead for construction LAB42
    13 Oct 2020
    Friday, 9 October, Robot Pepper gave the official go-ahead for the construction of LAB42. A live stream showed how Pepper, a future resident of the RoboLab in LAB42, symbolically put the pile driver into operation. ...
  • Collaboration between iGEM and ARTIS-Micropia with workshops 'Sustainable micro factories'
    12 Oct 2020
    You can follow the workshop 'Sustainable micro factories' in ARTIS-Micropia every day until Sunday 25 October. During these workshops, visitors discover how cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, are grown ...
  • Climate change causing irreversible shifts in unique Asian ecosystem
    9 Oct 2020
    Thirty-four million years ago, sudden climate change caused ecological breakdown in Central Asia. Deserts spread across the lowlands, and biological diversity was permanently affected. These are the findings by an ...
  • Noushine Shahidzadeh appointed professor of Crystallization in Porous Media
    9 Oct 2020
    Dr Noushine Shahidzadeh has been appointed professor of Crystallization in Porous Media at the Faculty of Science at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).
  • Clarisa Sánchez Gutiérrez appointed Professor of AI and Health
    8 Oct 2020
    Dr Clarisa Sánchez Gutiérrez has been appointed Professor of AI and Health at the Faculty of Science at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).