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Results: 21 - 40 of 1941
Results: 21 - 40 of 1941
  • Picture of award ceremony
    SusPhos is Frisian Startup of the Year 2021
    16 Sep 2021
    UvA spin-off company SusPhos, based at the WaterCampus in Leeuwarden, was voted last week as Frisian Startup of the Year 2021. This young company focuses on upcycling phosphate-rich waste streams into valuable ...
  • project logo
    Chemical profiling and trace analysis of illegal home-made explosives
    15 Sep 2021
    In the European INHERIT consortium under coordination of the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), researchers at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) will develop advanced analytical methods for the chemical profiling ...
  • Tray full of wine glasses
    Alcohol consumption in an academic setting – a peculiar convention
    14 Sep 2021
    Having a glass of wine or a beer at a work reception or university event is regarded by many as the most natural thing in the world – but we would like to see the UvA break that mould. Our new alcohol policy will ...
  • Yoni Schirris from Faculty of Science wins first edition of UvA 3MT® pitch competition
    14 Sep 2021
    Yoni Schirris, PhD candidate at the UvA Informatics Institute and Netherlands Cancer Institute, has won the first edition of the UvA 3MT pitch competition. He will represent our university in the international finals.
  • Researchers from UvA and Sanquin unravel how white blood cells can crawl through blood vessel walls
    13 Sep 2021
    When a pathogen such as a bacteria invades our body, the immune system sends white blood cells to the site of the infection to clear the invader. These white blood cells first travel through our blood vessels, but at ...
  • Study shows the impacts of deforestation and forest burning on biodiversity in the Amazon
    13 Sep 2021
    A new study, co-authored by a team of researchers including Crystal McMichael of the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics of the Amsterdam University provides the first quantitative assessment of how ...
  • Age Smilde receives Herman Wold Gold Medal 2021
    9 Sep 2021
    Prof. Age Smilde from the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences has been awarded the 15th Herman Wold medal in Gold from the Swedish Chemical Society. ‘For his relentless inquisitiveness to the development and ...
  • The opening in the Aula
    Can we make a difference for Generation Alpha?
    8 Sep 2021
    ‘We’re opening a new academic year that once again provides more space for students and staff, more room for face-to-face teaching. I warmly welcome you to this new beginning,' said president of the Executive Board ...
  • Long-distance relationships for endangered corals
    8 Sep 2021
    Flash-frozen sperm collected from corals in Florida and Puerto Rico was used to fertilize coral eggs from hundreds of kilometres away in Curaçao. The technique could be used as a conservation tool by introducing ...
  • UvA in 65th place in Times Higher Education World University Rankings
    2 Sep 2021
    The University of Amsterdam has risen one place from last year in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings and now occupies 65th place worldwide. This makes the UvA the second highest ranked Dutch ...
  • New Roeterseiland health centre offers care for body and mind
    31 Aug 2021
    The UvA’s GP practice will be officially opening a new health centre on the Roeterseiland campus on 1 September. The centre will house branches of the UvA general practitioners office, Studentist dental practice, ...
  • Jaco de Swart - credit: Sander Nieuwenhuys
    Jaco de Swart receives first AIP Robert H.G. Helleman Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship
    30 Aug 2021
    Jaco de Swart, a PhD candidate in the history of physics at the Institute of Physics, is the first recipient of a brand new fellowship of the American Institute of Physics: the AIP Robert H.G. Helleman Memorial ...
  • Sisters in Science are featured on Dutch television
    30 Aug 2021
    PhD students Mimi den Uijl and Noor Abdulhussain of the Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences together with junior lecturer Lotte Schreuders of the College of Sciences launched the Instagram account ...
  • Meet the Faculty of Science’s 3MT competitors
    30 Aug 2021
    For the first time the University of Amsterdam has joined the international 3MT pitch competition. Meet the three candidates that won our Faculty pre-round! On September 7 they will compete against the ...
  • International volunteer team brings portable sequencing platform for SARS-CoV-2 monitoring to developing countries
    30 Aug 2021
    Genomic sequencing, rare in low-income countries, identifies and tracks variants of the virus that cause COVID-19. Variant tracking enables local governments and hospitals to make better-informed decisions to lower ...
  • conversations
    Conversations on quantum gravity
    26 Aug 2021
    ‘Conversations on quantum gravity’ is physicist Jay Armas’ new book on the ongoing search for a theory of everything. In the book, Armas talks to 37 researchers – inlcuding five Nobel laureates and two Fields ...
  • Green fracking fluids are not environmentally friendly alternatives
    25 Aug 2021
    There is much public and scientific concern about environmental and human health effects as a result of hydraulic fracturing activities and related contamination. There are greener fracking fluids available intended ...
  • logo
    Co-electrolysis for efficient electrochemical CO2 conversion
    23 Aug 2021
    As part of the 7 million euro EU CO2SMOS project, Dr Ning Yan of the Van 't Hoff Institute of Molecular Sciences at the University of Amsterdam is developing an efficient co-electrolysis technology that combines the ...
  • Nitrogen is equally well retained in new as in aged ecosystems
    18 Aug 2021
    Human activity has led to an enormous increase in the amount of reactive nitrogen in the biosphere. Ecosystems are exposed to greater amounts of nitrogen. Nitrogen retention is an important function of natural and ...
  • reaction scheme
    Rapid and direct photocatalytic acylation and arylation of alkylic C-H bonds in a flow system
    16 Aug 2021
    In a paper just accepted by Angewandte Chemie, Prof. Timothy Noël and coworkers at the Flow Chemistry group of the Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences present a photocatalytic procedure that enables the ...