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A robust grounding in social and cultural theory and commitment to empirical work

Anthropology is the most prominent research and teaching programme of its kind in the Netherlands, in terms of its international visibility, its research productivity, the size of its academic staff, and its success in attracting and retaining students at all levels.

Antropologie beeldmerk

Anthropology is characterized by a robust grounding in social and cultural theory; a unified focus on the problem of scale, particularly the tensions between global and local dynamics, as well as other levels of analysis that intervene; and a commitment to empirical work, particularly in basing analysis and interpretation on field research. The members focus on a variety of topics at the core of theoretical debates in contemporary anthropology.


Research is organized in 3 Anthropology programme groups (which are part of the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research):

  1. Culture in a globalising world: In recent decades, the circulation of people, things, images and ideas in virtually every corner of the world has increased tremendously in speed, intensity and magnitude. How do people in radically different places and cultures in the world act and imagine with the tools and concepts at their disposal: beliefs, convictions, bodies, adornments, emotions, desires. 

  2. Health, care and the body: This group studies the changes in experiences of health and well-being, health practices and biomedical power and medical regimes, including research on AIDS/HIV, the body and food, morality, reproductive health, children, crime, pharmaceuticals, genetics, medical technologies and practice. 

  3. The (international) mobility of people, goods, power and ideas: What are the social consequences of the growing mobility of people and goods and the changing networks of solidarity, knowledge and power.


The Department of Anthropology provides education in Religion and Society, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Anthropology, Sociology and History of Asia:

Bachelor's programmes

Master's programmes

Research Master's programmes

Summer and Winter programmes

Short and intensive English-language summer and winter programmes on specific themes are offered to which the discipline of Anthropology also contributes. For example, on themes such as Sexuality, Addiction, The City, Culture and Psychiatry and Medicine and Human Rights.

PhD programme

For questions about PhD Trajectories you can refer to the research institute: or go to


Roeterseiland Campus
Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
1018 WV Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 5252504 

Dr. O.G.A. (Oskar) Verkaaik

Department chair

Roeterseilandcampus - building B/C/D (entrance B/C)

Room Location Department Anthropology

Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
1018 WV Amsterdam

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