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Communication Science

Media and communication are omnipresent

The impact of media and communication on individuals, groups, and society is central in both societal debates and research. Communication Science studies the contents, uses, and consequences of media and communication.

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How does the internet affect young people's lives? What is the role of media and communication in political participation and citizenship? What are the effects of health communication, advertising, and PR campaigns? 


Research in communication science is organized in the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) in four programme groups:

  1. Corporate Communication: with a focus on the development, execution and especially the effects of communication strategies towards internal and external stakeholders of organisations.
  2. Persuasive communication: addressing communication that is intended to achieve specific persuasive goals, as is the case in, for instance, marketing communication, health education, and public information campaigns.
  3. Political communication and journalism: addressuing the information function of communication. The research studies how, and under which conditions, news and other communication with informational purposes is produced.
  4. Youth and media entertainment: addressing the entertaining role of communication and information with a focus on traditional lean-back entertainment, such as television shows, films, and reality television, as well as on lean-forward entertainment, such as web games, instant messaging, and friend networking sites.

Research Priority Area Communication

The Research Priority Area (RPA) Communication puts questions about the effects of media and communication center place and is guided by a shared empirical focus on the contents, uses and consequences of media and communication. 


The University of Amsterdam offers various Bachelor's and Master's programs in Communication Science:



Research Master

Joint Programme

A 2-year Master’s programme offered in collaboration with the University of Aarhus, University of Hamburg, City University London, and the University of Swansea. 

PhD programme

For PhD students, carrying out a research project is central to ASCoR's PhD programme.


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