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UvA Staff Housing fee

UvA Staff Housing

When accepting an accommodation offer from UvA Staff Housing, you will be asked to pay the UvA Staff Housing Fee. The fee amount depends on the length of your stay.

Duration of stay UvA Staff Housing Fee
Up to 2 months €105
2 to 4 months €210
4 to 6 months €315
6 to 8 months €420
8 months or more     €525

Why do I have to pay the UvA Staff Housing fee?

The fee is used to cover costs that come with providing housing to international PhDs, researchers and guests. These include costs for reservations and rent, maintenance of accommodations and the operating costs of UvA Staff Housing itself. These costs cannot legitimately be covered by university funding that is meant for academic purposes. The UvA Staff Housing fee will be charged when you accept an offer of accommodation.

Please note: the housing company that owns your accommodation will charge a separate administration fee or contract costs when you sign the rental agreement. 

For additional housing-related expenses, see registration, city taxes and allowances.