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Digital credential verification

After you have been conditionally admitted to the programme you applied for, you will be asked to submit certified copies of your diploma(s) and transcript(s) for evaluation. In certain cases, your results can be verified digitally or can be sent directly from the exam board to the University of Amsterdam.

  • Pearson/Edexcel, AQA and Cambridge GCE A-level exam results


    Students receiving Pearson/Edexcel calculated grades in place of June exams will be able to request for these results to be sent directly to the University of Amsterdam. Pearson/Edexcel will accept these requests from July the same year onwards through their website. Once the official results are released on 13 August, Pearson/Edexcel will send these results by email directly to the University of Amsterdam, as requested. Please only use as the required email address in your application to avoid delays to the results getting to the university. Students interested in using this service can also send an email to to receive notification when the result sending service is open for applications.


    Please request for the results to be sent directly to the University of Amsterdam. Visit the AQA website to see how to apply for this service.

    Cambridge International Examinations

    The University of Amsterdam can verify your results online. Please provide us the following details by submitting them through the Central Student Service Desk.

    • your Cambridge Exam Centre;
    • your candidate number;
    • your date of birth;
    • relevant examination series (date of exams).

    Please note, we will only use this information to access your results using CIE direct.

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma

    Please use one of the following services for your final IB Diploma Programme results to be sent directly to the University of Amsterdam:

    Before the release of results

    If you make a request before 5 July (for May examination sessions) or 3 January (for November examination sessions), you should contact your Diploma Programme coordinator to submit a request to the IB on your behalf for your results to be sent directly to the University of Amsterdam. The University of Amsterdam IB institute code is: 000602.

    For more information, please visit the IB website.

    After the release of results

    After 5 July (for May examination sessions) or 5 January (for November examination sessions), IB graduates can request for their results to be sent directly to the University of Amsterdam using the form on

Due to COVID-19 my school/university has been closed down. I am unable to submit all the required certified documents for my Bachelor’s application. What options do I have?

We are aware that due to COVID-19 schools have been closed down or have limited their activity. However, we do need the required documents that are mentioned in your conditional admission letter. As the situation regarding the virus is constantly evolving we advise you to keep abreast of developments and changes at your school/university.

A levels, IB diplomas and AP’s can only be submitted through the abovementioned online services. 

The certified copies of all other diplomas and transcripts can be submitted through postal mail. If you are not able to provide us of certified copies by post, we will allow documents to be sent in digitally. These are the requirements that the digital documents have to meet:

  • The documents must be sent directly by the issuing school/university to: (for Bachelor’s applications only)
  • Your name and UvA ID (student number) and your study programme must be mentioned in the email subject line (NAME, 1234567, PROGRAMME)*
  • The date of graduation must be mentioned on the diploma
  • The transcript must mention the name of the school’s administrator/registrar
  • The documents are encrypted and/or digitally signed and/or password protected and/or sent as a PDF/A standard file by your school**
  • The documents contain both a stamp and signature from the school.

Please note that a check for email spoofing will be part of our verification procedure.

* this information will be used for administrative purposes only and will be removed once the application file has been completely processed.

**Microsoft Office 365 allows for emails to be encrypted. However, other secured sources will be taken into consideration as well.

The deadline for sending in both the paper and digital copies is 31 August.

For questions regarding Master’s applications, please contact the Admissions Office of your Faculty.

For other COVID-19 related questions please go to