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UvA Master's Introduction

took place on Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Just off Leidseplein (Leidse Square), where many will soon spend their Friday nights after an intensive day at university, hundreds of international Master's students gathered for the UvA's Master's Introduction.

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Master's Introduction

Get connected

The UvA’s new International Master’s students were welcomed by Geert ten Dam, President of the Executive Board, by a team of UvA staff and by the UvA’s International Student Ambassadors. In the first session 'Get Connected', participants were offered an interesting overview of the rollercoaster of emotions any student venturing outside of their own culture is likely to experience.

Honeymoon and rock bottom

Together with students who went on that ride already, they discussed everything between a honeymoon feeling and hitting rock bottom. Luckily, there was plenty of advice to be picked up: buy your bike right away; don't be offended when Dutch people are very honest and outspoken; and for those who still haven't managed to find accommodation, keep asking, again and again, anyone you know who might be able to help!

Health and wellbeing

On a more serious note, issues concerning drugs, loneliness and physical harassment were also addressed by one of the UvA’s student counsellors, Jeanette Eindhoven, who stressed the importance of speaking up when you're in any kind of trouble. Doctors, psychologists and counsellors are available to anyone who needs them.

Singing a Dutch song

Refreshments, including those famous syrup waffles (stroopwafels), provided some new energy for an even more interactive session: Go Dutch! This crash course, presented by qualified teachers of the Institute of Dutch Language Education (INTT), taught all nationalities at least the bare minimum: "Doe mij maar een biertje". And don't be surprised - after this session - if you hear an Italian or Chinese student sing a Dutch song now and then: these songs can be quite catchy.

Overall, the Master's Introduction was a great success, with a group of students who left just a little more connected and informed than when they came in: an excellent start of the year!

Ask an International Student Ambassador

During the Master’s Intro, these International Student Ambassadors were there to answer questions and talk with new international Master’s students: Ina Paredis, Ying Jung Wu, Jern Ken Chew, Susan Vermeer, Veronika Rokavec and Laura Ghitoi.

In case you have (more) questions, go to to have a chat with one of them!

  • Warm welcome

    The main purpose of this event is to give you a warm welcome and prepare you for your time in Amsterdam. You will have the opportunity to meet many other international (pre-)Master’s students from the UvA.

    This (pre-)Master’s Introduction Day is organised exclusively for international students starting a full-time Master’s programme and for international students starting a full-time pre-Master’s programme.

  • Details programme

    During the UvA Master’s Introduction Day, we will look into some factors that positively influence a successful completion of your (pre-)Master’s programme.

    Furthermore, we would like to provide you with tools to help you get the most out of your study and time in Amsterdam:

    Universiteit van Amsterdam
    Prof. Geert ten Dam, President of the Executive Board
    1. The programme includes an official welcome and important speakers, such as
      • Prof. Geert ten Dam, President of the Executive Board of the University of Amsterdam
      • Anouk Tso, Senior Policy Advisor International Relations
      • an international Master’s student who will talk about his experiences at our university and the city of Amsterdam
    2. The Get Connected info session helps you to get familiar with your new life in Amsterdam. We will cover important social and practical topics, so you can easily get connected to our university, our city and our student community. Reboot, connect and ... hit start.
    3. Next, the Institute of Dutch Language Education will introduce you to the Dutch culture, language and urban buzz of Amsterdam: a crash course called ‘Do Dutch’.
  • Faculty introduction day(s)

    Apart from the UvA Master’s Introduction Day, your Faculty will organise a mandatory introduction day or days. It will be focused on practical study information, and is a great opportunity to meet your fellow students and the staff and teachers of the Faculty.

    You will receive an invitation for this particular Faculty introduction from your own programme. In case you have questions about this Faculty introduction, please contact your programme directly.