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Application procedure

The following six steps are important if you want to arrange housing through the UvA housing service. The steps are briefly described, click on the provided links below for more detailed information. Due to the severe housing shortage in Amsterdam the demand exceeds our supply, so unfortunately, not all students who apply for student housing can get a room.

  • Step 4: Receiving a housing offer

    After submitting your housing application and paying the UvA housing fee, check your email daily to find out if you’ve been selected for student housing. Once you have been selected, you will receive a message from After that, you receive an offer from booking platform or the housing provider, to book an accommodation.

    It can take several days to a few weeks to appropriate students to accommodations, as this process is quite extensive. Therefore, not all students will receive a room offer on the same day, nor will it necessarily be in the same order as students applied. However, once you received the offer, it is important to proceed with step 5 as soon as possible.

  • Step 5: Book your accommodation within the given booking period and make the first payment

    When you receive an offer to book an accommodation, follow the instructions in the email from booking platform or the housing provider. To finalise the booking, housing providers ask administration costs, the first month's rent, and often, a deposit. This initial payment can be a significant amount of money.

    Be aware that many students are booking an accommodation at the same time, so the availability can decline rapidly. Make sure to book an accommodation quickly and within given deadlines, as students will only receive one opportunity to select a room.

  • Waiting list

    What happens if I don’t get a room offer?

    Once you have applied for student housing you are added to the waiting list. All rooms are offered to students on the waiting list, but not all applicants exercise their option to book their room, or cancel their room. The room will then be offered to the next match on the waiting list. This means the waiting list remains open, so that rooms might become available again.

    How do I know where I am on the waiting list?

    We can't give your exact place on it, as there are several factors:

    • Time on the waiting list
    • Budget category
    • 1 or 2 semester rental period
    • Gender (accommodations with roommates)
    • Availability of rooms

    What can I do while on the waiting list?

    Keep looking, and if you find a place by yourself, contact the International Student Housing Office immediately so we can remove you from the waiting list and refund the UvA housing fee.