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Finding accommodation on your own

If you are not offered a room through UvA student housing, or if you’re a senior student, you’ll need to find accommodation on your own. This page provides tips on how to find a accommodation, including options such as renting a room in a private home, flat-sharing with other students, or staying in a student hotel.

Tips for finding accommodation on your own

  • Affordable housing in Amsterdam is scarce, so begin your search early.
  • Also consider a room in nearby towns, such as Zaandam, Almere, Purmerend, Haarlem, or Hoofddorp.
  • Please be aware of scams while searching for accommodation on various platforms (such as Facebook). Check the Iamsterdam website for tips on how to avoid housing scams.
  • On the Facebook page of the ISN (International Student Network), you can meet other students who are looking for a room.
  • The ASVA Student Union provides general information about renting a room in Amsterdam and can act as a room mediator between students and landlords. They also provide guidelines on what to consider when viewing a room. For more information, please visit their webpage.
  • Consult our list of websites and organisations that offer rooms for students:

Register with housing websites

If you decide to stay in Amsterdam for longer than one year, we strongly advise you to register on and as early as possible, as these are waiting time based platforms.