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Coaches (coaching is temporarily unavailable due to Covid-19)

Sign up now to become a coach for an introduction programme and show a group of 20 new international students around Amsterdam.


The goal of the ISN Introduction is to familiarise the students with the UvA, Amsterdam, and Dutch language and culture. Together with their group, coaches will get to enjoy free lunches and activities including an official welcome, a canal cruise, a visit to the Artis zoo, various creative workshops and a final party in the Melkweg (see more detailed programme schedules below).

Group atmosphere

The international students come from all over the world and have two things in common: they can speak English and are new students in Amsterdam. It is up to you to create a positive group atmosphere that helps them navigate their cultural differences and enjoy the activities.

Introduction programme schedules

You can find a more detailed schedule for this introduction programme below. 

Sign up now help make the introduction programme an unforgettable experience for your fellow students!