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Studying with a disability

The University of Amsterdam would like students to develop themselves in a stimulating and pleasant setting. In case you have a disability, special adjustments and support might be needed. What is considered a disability by the University of Amsterdam? A disability is a chronic disorder (diagnosed by a professional) that could obstruct a student’s participation in education. The University of Amsterdam offers different sorts of support and counseling, to be able to offer you the best possible study time and to prevent study delay.

No barrier to study

Are you interested in a study at the University of Amsterdam - or are you already studying - and do you have a disability? In case you need adjustments in class or at exams, the UvA will gladly help.

The UvA offers, depending on your disability, various possibilities for support during courses and exams in order to offer you a pleasant as possible program. Examination arrangements cannot influence the quality nor degree of difficulty of a course or study programme. Therefore, make sure to read the information below carefully, so you know what to expect in support, before you choose a study programme at the UvA.

Please note: facilities at the UvA may deviate from advice for facilities by experts or other educational institutions.

Student counsellors

How can I apply for a provision?

To request an examination or another arrangement, you can make an appointment with a student counsellor. This can be through a referral from the student adviser or directly. The student counsellor will advise the contact person of your programme, based on your medical report or submitted dyslexia report, about your eligibility for the arrangement(s) and the period of validity of this/these arrangement(s).

Study advisers

The study adviser is your first point of contact within the program, for example if you have questions about your timetable or planning. The details of the study adviser can be found on the page of your study.

Student psychologists

For psychological problems, please contact a student psychologist.

Student doctor

If you have study-related health problems (such as RSI and stress), you may also contact a student doctor.

Student Careers Centre

If you would like advice or support when looking for, or applying for, a job, please contact the Student Careers Centre. Our career advisers have experience in guiding students with various limitations and/or special personal circumstances.

Student Disability Platform

The Student Disability Platform is made up of students with a disability who want to jointly ensure that every student has the chance to get as much out of their studies as possible without experiencing any obstacles from the UvA arising from their disability.


If you haven’t found the answers you were looking for, please don't hesitate to send an email to the address below. Your question will be answered within a week.

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