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Results: 61 - 80 of 415
Results: 61 - 80 of 415
  • Baby holding finger
    Parents and ‘smart crib’ can soothe baby with sensory stimuli
    25 Apr 2019
    What is the most effective way for parents to soothe their crying babies? A combination of sensory stimuli – by way of swaddling, sound and movement – can help, according to a new study by SEIN, the expertise centre ...
  • The birth of artificial intelligence
    UvA appoints second University Professor Artificial Intelligence
    12 Apr 2019
    The University of Amsterdam (UvA) has appointed Dr Ivana Išgum as University Professor of AI and Medical Imaging, effective 1 September 2019. Ivana Išgum is the second of four new University Professors at the UvA and ...
  • AIM lab, AI, medical image analysis
    New public-private AI research lab for medical image analysis
    18 Mar 2019
    UvA professors Cees Snoek and Marcel Worring are starting a new public-private research lab together with researchers from the Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence Ltd. from the United Arab Emirates led by ...
  • Trust
    Negative emotions can reduce our capacity to trust
    13 Mar 2019
    It is no secret that a bad mood can negatively affect how we treat others. But can it also make us more distrustful? Yes, according to a new study, which shows that negative emotions reduce how much we trust others, ...
  • FlickrCC
    New UN report: climate goals unattainable without far-reaching innovation and integrated policy
    13 Mar 2019
    The world is not on track to achieve internationally agreed environmental targets, such as those outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement. To successfully do so, will ...
  • Werkmotivatie
    Which employees have the best ideas?
    1 Mar 2019
    We all know people at work who express themselves frequently, quickly and fluently as well as people who express themselves less often. But which of them come up with the best ideas and how do they arrive at those ...
  • Politics, Dutch parliament, The Hague
    Liberals lecture, conservatives communicate
    7 Feb 2019
    Some politicians use complex language, for instance long sentences with difficult words, while others communicate clearly and to the point. Can this difference be explained by the political ideology to which they ...
  • brain
    Are terrorists mentally ill?
    5 Feb 2019
    Were Anders Breivik’s actions the work of a madman? Is Theo van Gogh’s killer Mohammed Bouyeri a psychopath? Much is still unclear about the role of psychological disorders (psychopathology) in terrorism. While some ...
  • -
    More than half of now living languages endangered
    13 Dec 2018
    Just more than half of now living languages – about 3660 – are currently threatened, endangered, moribund or nearly extinct. This is the finding of a new study by an international team of linguists, which includes ...
  • Social media
    The complicated relationship between social media and depression
    4 Dec 2018
    Over the past decade, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become a central part of everyday life. Despite their massive popularity, however, controversy abounds regarding their impact on mental ...
  • Logo European Research Council
    ERC Consolidator Grant awarded to four UvA researchers
    29 Nov 2018
    The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded prestigious Consolidator Grants to anthropologist Shanshan Lan, legal expert Benjamin van Rooij, computational linguist Raquel Fernández and medical biologist/data ...
  • New book sheds light on Dutch roots of Fair Trade Movement
    20 Nov 2018
    Dutch activists played a pivotal role in establishing the global Fair Trade Movement. This is one of the findings of new research carried out by UvA historian Peter van Dam on the history of the movement behind the ...
  • UvA to award honorary doctorate to celebrated composer Louis Andriessen
    14 Nov 2018
    The University of Amsterdam (UvA) will award an honorary doctorate to Louis Andriessen, one of the Netherlands’ most celebrated contemporary composers. Andriessen will receive the doctorate for his innovative work as ...
  • UvA to award honorary doctorate to acclaimed journalist Naomi Klein
    6 Nov 2018
    The University of Amsterdam (UvA) will award an honorary doctorate to the Canadian-American journalist, activist and public intellectual Naomi Klein. Klein will receive the doctorate in recognition of her unique work ...
  • Lightbulb 'brain'
    Expectations influence both pain perception and learning about pain
    30 Oct 2018
    Self-fulfilling prophecies can have a great influence on our lives. For example, when patients are given a placebo pill without any therapeutic value, but believe it to be a painkiller, they regularly start to feel ...
  • Amsterdam Young Academy announces first 30 members
    18 Oct 2018
    The two Amsterdam-based universities, the UvA and VU Amsterdam, have a new platform for talented young researchers: the Amsterdam Young Academy (AYA). The first thirty members were announced today. AYA is intended to ...
  • Computational model clarifies immune response during cardiac surgery
    11 Oct 2018
    A research team led by Peter Sloot, professor of Complex Adaptive Systems at the UvA, has managed to pinpoint the mechanisms behind the immune response triggered in patients undergoing open heart surgery. The team’s ...
  • Peuters op de bank met een mobiele telefoon
    Much still unclear about relationship between screen media use and ADHD in children
    4 Oct 2018
    There is a statistically small relationship between children’s screen media use and ADHD-related behaviours. This is the finding of an extensive literature review on this subject carried out by researchers from the ...
  • FlickrCC
    The soothing effects of strangers
    26 Sep 2018
    Is pain treatment more helpful if it is provided by a member of the same cultural group or is the help from someone from a disliked cultural group a more effective way to alleviate pain? A study carried out by an ...
  • Social media
    Echo chambers may make online news more viral
    21 Sep 2018
    Fake news. Just give your social media feed a glance and there is a reasonable chance you’ll see a skewed story containing factual inaccuracies. One reason for the its rapid spread, some observers suggest, may be the ...