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International Trade and Investment Law (International and European Law)
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Study programme

The study programme of Master's track International Trade and Investment Law is devoted to the study of the two branches of International Economic Law: International Trade Law and International Investment Law. The first semester focuses on learning to operate within the core principles and institutions of these disciplines.

Programme structure

Students begin by studying the principles and foundations of public international law and of international economic law (12 EC). We proceed with compulsory courses covering the cardinal rules in two key areas of international economic law: international trade law (6 EC) and international investment law (6 EC). In the second semester, you specialize in either trade law or investment law (24 EC). Students may complete their credits by following both specializations or by choosing to follow two free electives. The course concludes with the submission of a Master's thesis, presented to examiners in a specially convened session.

  • Foundations of International Economic Law
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  • Principles and Foundations of International Law
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  • International Investment Law
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  • International Trade Law
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  • Restricted-choice electives: Elective courses I
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  • Restricted-choice electives: Elective courses II
  • Restricted-choice electives: other elective courses
  • Free-choice electives: Extracurricular
  • Master's thesis
UvA Course Catalogue: International Trade and Investment Law
  • Master’s thesis (12 EC)

    The 'Master's thesis' course contains the following components:

    • Conducting academic research and providing a written report of this research;
    • Oral presentation of this academic research.

    The course includes lectures concerning skills relevant to writing a Master's thesis in law. These lectures are offered in January (September-inflow) and in June (February-inflow). In addition, a tutorial on presentation will be offered prior to the oral presentation.

  • Part-time programme

    The part-time programme allows students to complete the programme within two academic years. Students are advised to start with Principles and Foundations of International Law and Principles and Foundations of International Economic Law. Then, students are advised to take one compulsory course and one core course plus one elective (in total 30 EC) in the first year of studies. In the second year they can follow one compulsory component, one elective, one core course and the thesis trajectory (in total 30 EC).

The information on this website is valid for the current academic year and may change for next year. In May the Course Catalogue is updated for the following academic year.

More information

Read more about the thesis track. Once enrolled, students will have access to the Canvas webpage for the thesis track, through which they must submit all final forms and proposals, as well as the pre-final and final versions of the thesis.

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