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Open Programme

Social Sciences

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You can generally register for any course from the regular curriculum at the College of Social Sciences, so long as you have a pre-university diploma and meet all additional requirements.

Incorporated in the College of Social Sciences are the Bachelor's programmes in Cultural Anthropology, Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Political Science and Sociology.

Among other things, the curriculum comprises courses in:

  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning (click here for details of this programme)
  • Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
  • Political Science
  • Sociology

See the UvA Course Catalogue for a full overview of courses. Use the link below to access the Course Catalogue and follow these instructions:

  • click ‘Course’;
  • in the left-hand column ‘Filter on:’, under ‘Other’, tick ‘open UvA course’;
  • below, under ‘Institutes’, tick ‘College of Social Sciences’;
  • find your preferred course from the list appearing to the right;
  • click the course title for additional information. 

Lectures are usually scheduled during the daytime. You can learn the exact dates and hours from the course description on the


The fee is €75 per ECTS credit, including examinations. Reading material, travel expenses etc. are not included in the course fee. 

The Finance & Control department will send you a giro collection form for the full amount. It is not possible to pay in instalments.

Circumstances may prevent you from being able to participate in the course. The following rules apply in this case:

  1. cancellation is only possible in writing before a lecture series starts. You can no longer reclaim your payment after the first lecture;
  2. only written cancellations are valid. You should always confirm an oral cancellation via a written statement. If no written cancellation is received, you will be charged the full course amount;
  3. cancellation will include a €50 administration fee;
  4. written cancellations should be sent by email to;
  5. should you fail to pay in time, the lecturer may deny you access to the course. In this case, we reserve the right to claim payment for the amount due after all. 

The nature of the teaching means that some courses have a maximum number of participants, with priority given to regular students. As a result, we can be forced to cancel participation by contract students under exceptional circumstances. If we are responsible for cancellation, your application fee will of course be reimbursed and we will not charge any administration fee.

Assessment format and credit conversion

A course usually comprises 6 or 12 ECTS credits. One ECTS credit is equivalent to a study load of 28 hours. That figure includes attending lectures and tutorials, self-study, as well as preparing for lectures and examinations. You may take courses comprising a maximum total of 60 ECTS credits per year.


At the end of a lecture series, you may sit an examination, but it is not compulsory. In addition, you are entitled to one resit. You may request a certificate for any examination that you pass. To request a certificate, send an email to

Admission, registration and placement

The College of Social Sciences' Open UvA Courses are open to anybody interested. As the courses are part of the regular Bachelor's programme, your level of prior knowledge should be comparable to that of other students.

The entry requirements may vary for each course. You will receive a confirmation of your admission. 


Follow the link below to register (Open UvA Courses).

When we have processed your registration, we will send you a payment request. As soon as payment has been received, we will arrange for your placement in the course and provide you with a proof of enrolment as well as access to the virtual learning environment Canvas. The proof of enrolment also states the location and timeslot for the lecture.


If you have any questions, please contact the Education Desk Social Sciences.

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Education Desk Social Sciences
Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
1018 WV Amsterdam
T +31 (0)20 525 3777

The information desk is open on working days from 9:00 to 17:00.

Facts & Figures
Credits EC ECTS,
Language of instruction English
Conditions for admission Open
Starts in January, February, April, June, September, October