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Research Master
Communication Science: Research Master's (Professional)
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Keren Kurlander, Marco Lünich and Clarissa Stahmann share their experiences studying Communication Science (research)

Keren Kurlander
Keren Kurlander

Keren Kurlander, Israel

'The Research Master's programme allows you to be a junior researcher, explore advanced research techniques and design your own research to ultimately answer any scientific question, no matter how complex.

The programme gives you the feeling that the academic world is your oyster and  – along with a small group of ambitious, curious and competent peers – you are the pearl.

The Research Master's programme allows students to choose most courses by personal interest (both methodological and theoretical courses). Personally my heart is in media entertainment as I find fascinating how people utilize media, TV and social networks the way they want. The programme allows a special connection to psychology as some of the classes look at child development and how media is involved in socializing us from a very young age.

Every class is hard work and the challenges are fierce, but you're privileged to work with world's experts in communication-science that push you to the top. I get inspired every day from brilliant new ideas from professors and students from all around the world. I can promote my ideas and initiatives amongst people who are willing to take the extra mile to make them happen. I love this programme and can only wish for you to take a part in this incredible experience too.'

Yin Xueyao
Yin Xueyao

Yin Xueyao, China

Currently I am enrolled in the Research Master's programme of Communication Science, focusing on health communication. I have great interests in analyzing data and draw practical conclusions from the analysis, so the method courses in this track help me to handle projects that I am interested in. At the same time, I am curious about what kind of message strategy could effectively help people change or improve their health behaviors, which is the reason that I choose elective courses from Persuasive Communication track. In this Master's programme, I got the opportunity to acquire theoretical knowledge, to strength analytical skills and to have hands on experience of various research projects.  Students in this track share similarities (we love doing research) and hold differences (we have interests in different communication fields), which makes our group consolidated but diversified.

Marco Lünich
Marco Lünich

Marco Lünich, Germany

‘The Research Master’s of Communication Science is exactly what I am looking for in a Master’s. I find the strong methodological training in empirical research combined with an interesting variety of theoretical classes really enjoyable. The possibility to freely choose courses from different fields of communication allows me to follow my interests and at the same time introduces me to new ideas.  

The great atmosphere and the close contact with world class researchers make the whole programme a valuable and inspiring experience. I am very confident that I will be well prepared after my Research Master’s to successfully pursue whatever comes next for me, be it a PhD or a job in any research-intensive field.’