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Winter Programma

Introduction to Mindfulness and Compassion

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This two-week online winter course will introduce participants to the science of contemplative practices including mindfulness and compassion within emotion regulation framework. In this programme, we will delve into these topics by introducing participants to studies and measurements related to the field as well as potential contexts of applications, by combining theory and practice.

  • Programme at a glance
    Mode of instruction: Online (2 weeks)
    Academic dates: Monday 18 January - Friday 29 January 2021
    Academic fees: €750 read more about what's included.
    Credits: 4 European Credits. Read more about credits and credit transfer.
    Winter course admission deadline 8 January 2021 is the final date to apply. Admissions for this course are processed on a rolling basis. 
    Who is this programme for? For current university students (Bachelors, Masters, Postgraduate) and professionals from any discipline. A general interest in the Mindfulness and Contemplative practices as well as the social sciences, and an open mind, are necessary.  
  • Programme description

    This innovative online winter programme will make use of collaborative seminar sessions as well as pre-recorded and live lectures, enabling students to get the most out of the topic and delve into the content of the programme in a hands-on and experientially rich way.

    Mindfulness and compassion have a wide variety of applications, and in the secular context are used as prevention and/or treatment tools that can be applied in various areas such as education (for children, parents, teachers), clinical interventions (for (mental)health professionals, and targeting (mental)health disorders such as chronic pain, diabetes, depression, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder and many more), and organizations (providing new leadership styles and preventive tools against burn-outs).

    This two week online winter course will introduce participants to the basic concepts related with secular mindfulness and compassion within emotion regulation framework, their roots, theory and evidence-based research, as well as give participants the opportunity to experience these practices themselves.

    By the end of this winter course, participants will have gained a solid basis in understanding the dynamics and function of emotion regulations, mindfulness, and compassion, and have begun to develop (or continue developing) their own personal practice of mindfulness and compassion meditation and consider these as practical tools for navigating a variety of situations in everyday life.

  • Academic director

    Dr. Maja Wrzesien is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Valencia (Spain) and a former postdoctoral researcher (Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellow) within the Psychopathology and Development group at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Her research is largely interdisciplinary, focusing on emotion regulation in youth with special emphasis on mindfulness, self-compassion, and new technologies. She is also a certified mindfulness and compassion trainer. She has performed different training in both the public and private sectors for youth, parents, clinicians and educators. Want to know more about Maja? Visit her personal website

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Facts & Figures
Mode Online
Credits 4 ECTS, 2 weeks
Language of instruction English
Starts in January