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Winter Programma

Key Topics in Urban Studies Winter Edition

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This two-week online course will introduce participants to the field of Urban Studies through a series of 7 lectures on key topics in the multidisciplinary study of cities, combined with video tours, live seminars, readings and assignments from a team of experts. Participants can choose to follow the full course for credits, or audit the course and watch the lecture series on their own time. Please see the section ‘auditors’ on this page for more information regarding this exciting new option!

  • Programme at a glance

    Participants can join this programme in one of two ways:

    • Credit-seeking students who will participate in the full course, including seminars run by the Academic Director. This is ideal for participants who are looking to partake in and learn from in-depth discussions with experts and other participants, submit assignments, and receive feedback on their course work. 
    • Non-credit auditors who have access only to the pre-recorded series of expert guest lectures. Read more about what is included below!
    Mode of instruction: Online (2 weeks)
    Academic dates:  Monday 18 January - Friday 29 January 2021
    Full course fee (for-credit participants) €750 read more about what is included
    Auditor fee (lecture series access only) €200 for acces, €300 for access and certificate of participation (and associated/small mandatory assignments). Read more about what is included in the auditor information section below! 
    Credits: 4 European Credits. Read more about credits and credit transfer 
    Winter course admission deadline: 8 January 2021 is the final date to apply. Admissions for this course are processed on a rolling basis. 
    Who is this programme for? For current university students (Bachelor, Master) and professionals from any discipline. A general interest in urban studies from a variety of perspectives is essential for both students and auditors alike.
  • Programme description

    More than half of the world's population lives in urban areas, and the UN projects this number to rise to 68% by 2050. Consequently, many societal challenges are inextricably linked to the urban context: understanding how urban environments are planned, governed, experienced, and contested, becomes indispensable to address current and future challenges. This course introduces students to key topics in Urban Studies by covering a wide range of perspectives that aim to enhance our understanding of cities, and their links to social, spatial, political, economic, and cultural dynamics.

    The course not only familiarizes students with key academic debates in Urban Studies, but also highlights their practical relevance for urban development, governance and policy making. While international in scope, Amsterdam serves as recurring case to illustrate the opportunities and challenges of urban complexity, and the creation of sustainable and just cities.

    This programme will (tentatively) include the following topics: 

    • Urban mobility and the right to the city
    • Urban psychology and sensescapes
    • Housing, gentrification, and inequality
    • Urban planning, governance, and property development
    • Citizen participation and urban social movements
    • Smart urban ecology

    Students will dive-into these topics through a series of (pre-recorded) expert lectures and city ‘tours’, live seminars, discussions, assignments and readings.

  • Information for auditors

    Participants who are interested in learning more about the topics in this programme but do not want to participate in the full for-credit course can choose to take the programme as an auditor. 

    Included in the auditors fees are access to: 

    • 7 pre-recorded video lectures 
    • 3 video tours 
    • A selection of recomended readings and other materials 

    There are two ways to register for the course as an auditor: Please indicate which of the following options you would like to sign up for in the application link on the How to apply page. 

    Option 1: Auditor without Certificate

    Option 1 includes all of the above-mentioned materials. Fee: €200

    Option 2: Auditor with Certificate Option 2 includes all of the above-mentioned materials, as well as the opportunity to receive a certificate for following the course. In order to receive the certificate, you will need to complete short assignments related to the lectures that are graded on a pass/fail basis. Fee: €300

    Auditors do not participate in the seminar discussions that are part of the full for-credit course. If you are interested in participating in the discussions, receiving feedabck on assignments, and going into more depth, we recommend you apply to take the full cours. 

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Facts & Figures
Mode Online
Credits 4 ECTS, 2 weeks
Language of instruction English
Starts in January