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Economics and Business has quite a few departments and teams. We often know what our immediate colleagues are doing, but what about other people? This week we asked EB web editing team what their work looks like.

When was the EB editorial desk set up? 

In its current form, the editorial desk has been around since September 2019. Before that, the editing team was smaller and about 35 other colleagues at the EB also had editing rights for the website. Now there are 10. This way, we can maintain a better overview of who is doing what and, as web editors, it also gives us more control. 

How many people are there on the team and who does what? 

The editorial desk consists of Bridget Hearn, Carola van Ingen, Raj Pabla and Joris van den Heuvel. The 4 of us check the editorial mailbox and use a smart colour system to see who is doing what and, not unimportantly, who should be doing what! 

We have divided the various websites of the EB editorially: it’s handy to have a single contact person within the team for each site. Bridget and Raj also take care of the weekly newsletter (NL and EN) and, among other things, Carola and Joris are the points of contact for the UvA’s Content Management System (Hippo), web analytics, and also attend the UvA's web consultations for the EB. 

What kind of things do you do? 

It varies! One moment we might be writing or rewriting a text, next we'd be building a web page or editing an image followed by a dive into the statistics.

Has COVID had much impact on your work? 

Yes, it has. Many of our web pages had to be modified or revamped because of the pandemic. Examples include information about studying at home, taking lectures online and online codes of conduct, but also information about the opening hours of the Student Desks or the possibility of going on an exchange abroad: everything changed. Fortunately, our colleagues knew where to find us, so we were able to implement many of the changes quickly. 

What are you working on at the moment? 

What the coming academic year will look like is a hot topic at the moment. What can and can’t we do? With the help of many of our colleagues, we are currently setting up web pages for this for our students and colleagues. We are also still working on a long-term project, namely rewriting all of EB's web pages. We carried out an audit of all the pages last year and are now improving the sites as a result.