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PhD-students Anil Kshatriya, Elisabeth Jäckel and Thu Nguyen participated in the UvA 3MT competition by delivering their pitches in a video. The competition is organised annually at more than 900 universities in 85 countries. Participants have to present their PhD research to the public in just 3 minutes. Their audience has no prior knowledge of the subject matter. The winner will be announced on 8 September 2022.

An EB jury selected Kshatriya, Jäckel and Nguyen to take part in the UvA finals, where they will compete against 12 doctoral candidates from other faculties. The winner of the finals will then go on to participate in the 3MT global competition. Interested to see our PhD’s pitches? Watch the video pitches they recorded below.

Preventing concentration problems when multitasking

Anil Kshatriya examines whether employees’ performance drops when they have multiple items on their to-do list. If that’s the case, how can employers help their employees resolve this issue?

Active listening in negotiations

Elisabeth Jäckel’s research explores whether active listening has a positive effect in negotiations. If so, when is the best time to use it?

Impact of investments on society and the environment

How do pension funds invest the premiums we pay and what impact do these investments have on society, the environment and your pension? These are the questions Thu Nguyen set out to answer in her research.