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Need-to-know information

Things to arrange before arrival

  • Provide required documents for admission

    You are not officially accepted into the programme until we have received all official documents. Please mind the following in order to ensure smooth processing: 

    • Your conditional acceptance letter (which you will receive by email) states exactly what documents we need from you. 
    • There are two ways in which you can provide us with your diploma and transcript. You can ask your university to email these documents to us directly at Please note that we will not accept emails forwarded by students, but only emails directly sent to us by the issuing university. Please make sure that your name, your UvA ID (student number) and your study programme are mentioned in the email.
    • If your university does not provide this service, you can send us certified hardcopies of these documents by post to the address below. A certified copy is a photocopy of the original document with a wet ink stamp and signature from your school/university or from an authorised notary. Watch the explainer video on YouTube. Uncertified photocopies or scanned copies of original documents will not be accepted. Do not send us the original documents - we cannot be held responsible for any documents that get lost in the process.

      Please send your certified documents by regular post to the following address:

      Admissions Office of the Amsterdam Law School (room A6.01a)
      Post Office Box 1030
      1000 BA Amsterdam
      The Netherlands

      Please note: In case of registered post:
      Admissions Office of the Amsterdam Law School (room A6.01a)
      Valckenierstraat 59
      1018 XE Amsterdam
      The Netherlands

    • If you're still enrolled in a Bachelor's programme and you will be graduating after the deadline, you will need to provide us with an official Statement of Graduation by the same deadline. This document must state your official date of graduation and must include a declaration that you have successfully finished all the coursework for your bachelor’s degree. The statement must also be accompanied by a grade transcript. These documents need to be documents from the university.
    • Documents that are not written in Dutch, English, German or French, must be accompanied by an official translation made by a sworn translator or a notary.
    • English proficiency score reports can be provided as follows:
      • TOEFL: When signing up for the TOEFL test, please make sure to mention our institutional code: 9011. If you do not, we cannot verify your results online and you will need to send us the original test results.
      • IELTS: Once you have taken the test, you will receive a test report. Please send us a scan of your test report by email so we can verify it online.
      • Cambridge English Language Assessment: Please ask Cambridge to ‘share’ your certificate with us so we can verify your test scores online.

    After receipt of all documents we will send an official statement of acceptance by email.

  • Finalize your registration

    When you are conditionally admitted we will forward your personal information to the UvA Student Services department. Moving to a different country or city may sometimes be confusing. Student Services will help you through the necessary procedures. This starts with the UvA registration process while you are still abroad. During this process, you will be helped with such procedures as your visa/residence permit (if applicable), signing up for the introduction programmes and making sure that you are completely prepared for your arrival in Amsterdam. Please read more about arriving in Amsterdam on our Upon arrival page.

  • Course registration

    You must register yourself for the courses via GLASS. The course registration period for semester 1, academic year 2022-2023 is from Friday, 6 July (10:00) until Wednesday, 6 July (13:00). Use the step by step guide to register for your courses. If you want to join an Amsterdam Law Clinic you need to apply before the 20th June 23:00.

    Please note: You are advised to register for no more than 30 ECTS (the regular study load for a semester). The maximum number of ECTS you may register for is 42 credits per semester.

    With regards to the elective courses you need to make a selection of your own choice. If you have questions regarding the course registration or need advice with planning your courses, please contact our Study Advisers.

  • Practical information about visa, housing and living expenses

    Moving to a new city and beginning a new study is an exciting experience. The University of Amsterdam has various services and support facilities to help you with the transition.

    Through the link 'Practical matters' you can find out how to arrange your visa or residence permit, your insurance, and a place to live.