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Studying with dyslexia

Studying with dyslexia

We invite you to first watch the video below (2.5 minutes long), to get an idea of our support.

Extra time to finish exams

This is what you need to do to request extra time for finishing exams. Start your request in time! Request a facility at least 6 weeks before you have a test or exam. Otherwise the faculty or programme may not be able to realise the facility.

Step 1:

  • Upload a copy of your dyslexia report. This report contains a clear diagnose of dyslexia. Please note: we need the full report, a dyslexia statement alone is not sufficient.
  • The diagnose needs to be from: a clinical psychologist or a general remedial educationalist. If any doubt about the status of the diagnostic investigator, we will offer you to have a second opinion by one of our psychologists.

Step 2: Fill in the form via the link below

We only accept complete forms and copies of a valid dyslexia report. Reasons the University of Amsterdam requests a full report:

  • A dyslexia report gives us the appropriate information to arrange optimal support.
  • Frequently, a dyslexia report is issued  to people who turn out not to be dyslexic.
  • Sometimes dyslexia reports and dyslexia statements are issued by people who are not authorised to make diagnostic examinations.
  • Please upload the report as one document. This can be done at one of our university libraries by scanning the pages and combine them in one pdf file. You can contact the library information desk for assistance.
  • We assess whether this report meets the diagnosis criteria as set by the Stichting Dyslexie Nederland (Dutch Foundation Dyslexia). We will contact you if we have any questions about your report.

Step 3: After evaluation of your report, we will send you our advice for extra time at exams

  • Read this advice carefully, as it contains extra information about the further procedure at your own study programme.
  • If necessary, the University of Amsterdam offers extra time at exams. We do not allow the use of a word processor, unless a motoric disability requires so. In that case, please contact the student counsellor to discuss your situation.

Tips for studying

  • Check our tip sheets on i.e. reading or writing academic texts, preparing an exam or assignment, or planning
  • We recommend to contact a student counsellor to discuss your situation
  • Ask a fellow student for help, like co-reading your paper


UvA Student Services attaches great importance to careful handling of your data. In the pdf Privacy Statement of UvA Student Services (18 p.), you can read what happens to the personal data you provide as a student in order to make use of Student Services’ specific support.