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Videos, podcasts and other resources about social safety

  • How should we treat each other at the UvA? The UvA has a code of conduct for all UvA staff and students. This sets out how we should treat each other and what to do when undesirable behaviour occurs.
  • In 'Outside Your Bubble' six students with different backgrounds and opinions discuss potentially polarising topics such as asking about consent, stereotyping and cancel culture. (Please note this content is in Dutch.)
  • Want to learn more about the relationship between diversity and social safety? The Chief Diversity Officer team have put together a list of reading tips.

Want to know more about consent?

  • We use this classic video during the UvA introduction for new students 'Consent: it's simple as tea' (YouTube).
  • Watch an interview from the series 'Outside your bubble' with several UvA students: 'I find that asking consent does spoil the romance a bit' (video - please note this content is in Dutch).
  • The ASVA podcast Studentenstof has an episode on social safety in which Gabriella Thompson of Our Bodies Our Voice talks about consent and how to set boundaries, what social safety means and what you can do if you experience unacceptable behaviour.

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Do you need help?

Are you dealing with an unsafe situation and do you need help or support? The social safety support guide lists various people and organisations you can turn to as a student. You can also contact a confidential adviser.