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The consultation period in connection with the location of the new University Library on the City Centre Campus will begin from 16 March. A kick-off meeting, an exhibit in VOX-POP, talks with the architects and an online platform will all offer opportunities for gathering additional information and making your opinion heard.

University Library location

The new University Library will house the collections belonging to the Faculty of Humanities, study spaces and facilities for teaching, research and meeting. In 2014, a design for the University Library on the Binnengasthuis premises was completed. An alternative scenario was developed the following year as well. In order to reach a proper decision on the new location of the University Library, the Executive Board would like to consult UvA staff and students. This is in keeping with point five of the Ten-point Plan: ‘Present the decision on the construction of a new University Library to the entire academic community and provide full transparency on the subject of accommodation.’

There are two scenarios:

  • Scenario A: The University Library is located on the Binnengasthuis premises (in the Tweede Chirurgische Kliniek and Zusterhuis buildings), a design by MVSA Architects and Architectenbureau J. van Stigt.
  • Scenario B: The University Library is located in the Oudemanhuispoort, together with education and the logistical hub, a design by Architectenbureau Grosfeld van der Velde.

Your opinion matters

The definitive location of the University Library will be a deciding factor in designing the rest of the City Centre Campus, such as the accommodations for the Faculty of Humanities. Because the University Library is a facility shared by all members of the UvA community, your opinion is important to us. For instance, what have your experiences with the current University Library been like? And what do you consider important for the new University Library? 

Consultation process

On 16 March, Executive Board President Geert ten Dam will open the consultation period with a kick-off meeting in VOX-POP (Binnengasthuisstraat 9). Consultation with the academic community will take place through 13 April. During this period, you may visit the exhibit about the new University Library in VOX-POP. This exhibit – which shows both design options and the process itself – contains maps and artist impressions, as well as videos and presentation books featuring the designs. The architects will also visit the exhibit to share additional information on their designs and answer questions on 21 March (scenario A) and 23 March (scenario B), at 16:30.

An online platform where you can share your opinion will be available during the consultation period. You will receive an e-mail inviting you to participate in this platform sometime in the first half of March. A research agency will use the input received via the platform to conduct a qualitative data analysis. This input will be integrally incorporated into administrative decision-making. You can also sign up – via the platform – to take part in the thematic focus groups, in which small groups will seek to examine the matter in greater depth in weeks 14 and 15.

Need more information?

For more information, keep an eye on this website. Further details will be provided here on matters including the programme for the kick-off meeting, the designs and the thematic focus groups in the coming weeks.