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Strategy (MSc Business Administration)

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How can firms create and execute an effective strategy? In the Strategy track you unravel the theoretical origins of strategic corporate decisions. This track is one of 9 tracks you can opt for in our Master's in Business Administration.

Help organisations become more effective

In the Strategy track, you will learn about the strategic issues that businesses face. How does dealing with competitors and navigating the business environment determine success or failure in business? Why do some firms outperform others?

Learn to find the answers by interacting with professors who are at the forefront of research on strategy. Apply theory to real-world cases that involve the implementation of strategies and the design of effective and flexible organisations.

Track-specific courses

  • Theories of Strategy

    Get familiar with fundamental theories of strategy and dive into the nature of inter-firm competition. Where should companies compete, and how? And perhaps most importantly: how do firms achieve and sustain a competitive advantage?

  • Corporate Strategy and Organisational Design

    Learn about the different ways in which diversified firms can be efficient and effective. This course covers how firms can achieve their goals through cooperation with stakeholders and discusses the ethical implications of corporate decisions.

  • The Adaptive Organisation

    Learn about how firms deal with change, especially in their business environment. The course emphasises innovation as crucial in dealing with change and being capable to survive and thrive within a dynamic business environment.

Real-life case: EasyGroup and the cinema market
EasyGroup, EasyJet’s parent company, has to decide whether to enter the cinema market or not. What would you advise them? Does it make sense for EasyGroup to start running a cinema chain? Do EasyGroup’s resources apply to the cinema market? This is the type of real-world strategic decisions that managers have to deal with.

Contemporary issues

Examples of current newspaper headlines and relevant issues that could be discussed in the classroom:

  • Amazon HQ2 is not moving to New York. This is an example of how firms need to engage with different stakeholders and how the failure to engage with all stakeholders can end up scuttling a firm’s strategy.
  • Johnson & Johnson has purchased a surgical robotics unit. Will this diversification into medical equipment be successful, given that diversification often fails? Will Johnson & Johnson be more innovative as a result of this purchase?
  • Brexit: what effect does uncertainty in the business environment have on strategy? What choices do firms have in dealing with uncertainty? And how can they best navigate this type of change?

Career prospects

Graduates of the Master's in Business Administration/Strategy track have excellent job prospects for positions in a wide variety of Dutch and multinational companies, for example as:

  • consultants
  • project leaders
  • managers
Facts & Figures
Degree programme MSc
Type Regular study programme
Mode Full-time
Credits 60 ECTS, 12 months
Language of instruction English
Starts in September
CROHO code 60644