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Evolutionary Psychobiology

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The minor Evolutionary Psychobiology is the only minor in The Netherlands about evolution and (human) behaviour. Students acquire extensive knowledge about how natural and sexual selection (and other evolutionary processes) have driven the evolution of behaviour, with the focus on humans and other primates. In addition, students acquire research skills in the area of animal behaviour (including a research project in the zoo Artis), comparative psychology, and evolutionary anthropology. Students also learn how to model and simulate evolutionary processes (during the course on the evolution of language and music). Students also explore their critical thinking about theories on evolution and behavior by writing essays and participating in discussions (during the course on evolutionary psychology). Application for 2019-2020 is closed!

Entry requirements

This full-time 30 EC minor is open for students who have successfully completed their first-year programme of a university Bachelor's programme. It is open for students from all disciplines, but particularly interesting for students of Psychobiology, Psychology, Biology, and Bèta-Gamma. International students are welcome as well.

Students are expected to have basic knowledge about evolution and behaviour, such as presented in the book Evolution and Human Behaviour by John Cartwright or Evolutionair Denken by Chris Buskes. The maximum number of students in the minor is 40.

Note: You need to be registered as a UvA student to be able to participate in this minor. Students not enrolled in a regular degree programme at the UvA, but who are interested in taking an UvA course, may need to enrol as a guest student with the BSc programme Psychobiology. 

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Studielast 30 EC, Semester 1
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