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Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (joint degree UvA/VU)
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Career Prospects

If you successfully complete the programme, you will be in high demand. It is likely you’ll already find a job before you graduate. And in that job, you will extensively use the skills you acquired during the MSc programme.

Choose to work in the field of bioinformatics and systems biology like 60% of our graduates or find a suitable job in closely related areas, such as biotechnology, data science, healthcare or finance. 

More than half of our students (60%) continue in scientific research as a Ph.D. student. Thanks to technological advances, such as next-generation sequencing and the development of personalised medicine, your career prospects will only improve as you develop.

Merel Nessen

Merel Nessen - Alumnus

'After my masters I decided to do my PhD at the UvA on a joined project of the groups Mass Spectrometry of Biomacromolecules (at the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences) and Synthetic Organic Chemistry (HIMS).

My PhD research focused on the development of an enrichment method for azide containing peptides to study proteome dynamics by mass spectrometry. During my PhD I enjoyed the scientific freedom the UvA gives you to conduct your research. And in the new building of the Faculty at Science Park you can sense the academic atmosphere, which is a very stimulating environment to work in.'

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Kate Jo-Ann Feller

'After my Master’s, I knew I wanted to do an interdisciplinary PhD. The description for the position I got hired for stated “looking for a student who has both biomedical and bioinformatics knowledge and wants to work in an interdisciplinary lab”. I immediately knew I’d found my place.' 

A big part of research is solving problems but I also think that depending on your research 'aim trying to reinvent the wheel can be a waste of time.'

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