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Mathematics and Econometrics

Mathematics has always been intimately connected with other disciplines, among which Econometrics. Unique at UvA is the challenging 150 EC double Master’s degree programme that enables you to obtain the degrees in both Mathematics and Econometrics. This double degree programme is offered by the Amsterdam School of Economics of the Faculty of Economics and Business and the Graduate School of Science the Faculty of Science. With a study load of at least 150 EC the double Master’s programme is a high-level, exciting three year programme.

In each of these double degree programmes  you will follow the essential courses from both programmes. However you only conduct one interdisciplinary Master's project with supervisors from both disciplines, resulting in one integrated Master's thesis. You can only follow a double degree programme if you meet the admission criteria for both programmes separately.


As part of the Econometrics Master’s programme you can choose one of the four tracks:

  • Complexity and Economic Behaviour (CEB)
  •  Data Science and Business Analytics (DS&BA)
  •  Financial Econometrics (FE)
  •  Econometrics (ECT)

If you choose the Financial Econometrics track the course load will be:

  • 40 EC Econometrics courses
  • 74 EC Mathematics courses
  • 36 EC integrated Master’s project Econometrics and Mathematics

If you choose the other Econometrics tracks, the course load will be:

  • 45 EC Econometrics courses
  • 69 EC Mathematics courses
  • 36 EC integrated Master’s project Econometrics and Mathematics

Master's thesis

You will conclude your Master's programme with an integrated research project (36 EC). Your progress will be supervised by staff members from both study programmes. The project culminates in your Master's thesis and an oral presentation of your results during a public colloquium.

Upon completion of the programme you will receive a Master's degree in both Mathematics and Econometrics. 

Entry requirements

This programme is open to students with sufficient background in Econometrics and Mathematics. Interested students have to be admitted to both the Master’s programme in Econometrics and the Master’s programme in Mathematics.


To apply for this double Master’s programme, please apply for the Master’s programme Mathematics and the Master’s programme Econometrics.