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Political Theory

The minor political theory is offered by the department of political science. Politicians and other political actors try to justify and increase their power and support by proclaiming to be fighting for ‘freedom’, ‘equality’, ‘human rights’, and ‘democracy’. But what do these noble words mean, really? The minor Political Theory provides students with conceptual and theoretical toolkits needed to think critically about both ideological claims and complex normative issues, such as those concerning diversity and inequality. Political theorists focus on principles, rather than interests, and use the former to provide guidance to policy makers. A notable feature of the minor is its inclusion of comparative political theory in the curriculum.

For whom?

Students who are interested in topics such as:

  • Political ideas and thinkers
  • Critical thinking and normative analysis
  • International political philosophy and ethics
  • African and Islamic political thought.

More information about the specialisation Political Theory can be found in the Course Catalogue

Entry requirements:

Completed first year of a bachelor’s programme. A completed first year of applied sciences (HBO) does not grant access to the minor.


International exchange students are contacted by their programme coordinator regarding enrollment.

Students from Dutch universities can enroll the following way:
1) Studenten van andere universiteiten moeten zich bij de UvA inschrijven
als bijvakstudent, zie http://www.studielink.nl.
2) Meld je aan voor de minor via het aanmeldformulier in de studiegids.
3) Schrijf je daarna in voor de vakken via SIS.


Dr. Johan Olsthoorn, e-mail: j.c.a.olsthoorn@uva.nl

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