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Urban spaces have always functioned as cradles and laboratories for religious movements and spiritualities. The urban forms a central and nourishing agent for the creation of new religious expressions and continually negotiates new ways of being spiritual and establishing spiritual ideas and practices.

Peter Jan Magry

This book explores the intense and complex interplay between the modern city and new religious and spiritual movement bringing the city and its annexes into the foreground of current research into religion. It develops a new ethnography-based analysis of the ways in which the pluralist experience of the 'urban' inscribes itself into various religious practices and vice versa: how do religiosity and spirituality appropriate and transform meanings of the urban? 

Spiritualizing the City Agency and Resilience of the Urban and Urbanesque Habitat

  • Victoria Hegner and Peter Jan Margry (eds)
  • Routledge, Oxon UK 2017 
  • ISBN:  978 1138 93 0728